Sell Apparel and Accept Donations Without Risk or Cost

Raise Funds

  • Increase fundraising across all your key donor segments and initiatives. There’s no limit to your potential!

Raise Spirits

  • Custom apparel boosts spirits, inspires a sense of community and brings your supporters together.

Proven Success

  • Tens of thousands of individuals are using Booster every day. Join other schools, small businesses, charities and more!

Raise Awareness

  • Booster campaigns act as content for your social channels. Supporters spread your message like walking, talking billboards.

Easy, Fast and Fun

  • It’s easy to put custom apparel up for sale on a personalized page. Pick products, create your design then share your story.

No Risk or Inventory

  • Sell custom apparel without buying any products upfront or worrying about handling inventory.

3 Easy Steps to Make Campaigns Work For You


Step #1: Submit your campaign

  • Write & share your story
  • Select the shirt & color
  • Set price to meet goal
  • Expert help & approval by us

Step #2: Promote Your Campaign

  • You could share your campaign via social networks
  • Raise funds with each sale
  • Supporters can add a donation
  • Track sales, donations and visitors
  • Connect with supporters

Step #3: Collect Your Funds

  • Release or Refund money in the safe via PayPal
  • Fulfillment and logistics handled
  • No upfront costs
  • No wasted merchandise

Start Your Campaigns Now!

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Healy Sportswear – the trusted name in custom uniforms with over 10 years experience and more million uniforms produced. Thanks to Healy Sportswear, we provide great-looking, no hassle custom printing, guaranteed…

  • Daily Email Support
  • No deadlines or goal requirements
  • Mobile-Friendly Campaigns
  • Keep every donation you receive
  • No penalties for missing goal
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