At Healy Sportswear  we know how important it is for your team to receive your uniforms fast and  on time. Unlike other companies that may take 4 to 10 weeks to get the uniforms, our normal turnaround time is within 2 -3 weeks. If we don’t get your uniforms within 3 weeks, we will give you 30% back in the form of a credit on your invoice, or 15 % Cash Rebate .


We charge 15% extra for the Rush Order Fee.  If we don’t get the uniforms to you by the date that we promise . We will refund your 15% rush order fee. Plus, we will refund 15% cash back of your order. We are confident in this policy and have ensure that you will get the uniforms by the dateline.

Rush Order Guarantee Details:

  1. The customer must provide shipping address within the US
  2. The customer must pay in full when place order
  3. The customer must approve order details and graphic design when place order so we will count 7-10 business days from the approved date.
  4. No changes on the order details after the customer approved the order details to guarantee time frame
  5. We have limited spaces for rush order within high season time frame January to April and July to August so please double check with us again when you like to choose Rush Order.


Healy Sportswear ships its product via UPS to ensure on-time delivery within the United States. If late delivery results from a failure by UPS or events out of their control to meet their service guarantee. We will not assume responsibility and discounts or refunds will not be given.